Our Story

We are a couple of nomads that have decided to settle down. Years abroad have enriched us with a life less ordinary. Yet the education of our kids, the connection to our families and the urge to live a “normal” life again have guided us back home to Aarhus Denmark.


The first Mala’s we got were present from Soma, founder and owner of Aum Rudraksha. She gave them to us at a dinner party we had. At this point we didn’t know anything about mala’s nor were we very spiritual people, we just instantly liked the designs and thought they were cool. So we wore them without really knowing anything about them and before long they were a part of our daily wardrobe. (up to this point we still had no idea of the magic we carried with)

And one day I lost mine, I always blame my wife but in all honesty it might also have been me that lost it, and right that day I felt like I was missing something more than just a necklace. I felt "naked" without it. We looked everywhere but couldn't find it. And soon afterwards I found myself asking Soma for a new one. She then also explained the meaning behind them and the energy that they carry with.

The necklace I got next was one that had my birthstones in them, Agate and Garnet. And I was instantly drawn to it, even more then to my old one. And again this Mala became part of my daily wardrobe. But now it was a conscious thing, I was more aware of the benefits of the stones and felt great while wearing them.

A short while after we went visiting Soma and her sons, who are close family fiends, in Bali and we visited her workplace and studio.

It’s hard to describe the energy in a room so full of stones, beads, love and dedication, but its special, and right then and there I became a mala fanatic.   We chose a couple of Mala’s to fill up our personal collection and went on, super happy with the add-ons!

We still wear the mala’s every single day, only now we get to choose which ones we wear, and strange as this might sound, to us the energy and purpose of every single mala is different, and I wear them depending on the day I have ahead of me. A different mala for work, pleasure, learning, etc.

Then when we decided to move back to Europe I knew that one of the things I wanted to bring back was the mala’s and our love for them. We set out to developing a collection of our own designs that were specifically created for different types of people and needs. With that followed the webshop and everything else that comes with opening a store. And here you are, a potential new Malafreak;-)

We truly hope that wearing Mala’s can give you the same benefits as it does us, so if there’s anything we can do to help you choose the right Mala for you feel free to let us know! We are willing and able to help! 

Lloyd, Signe, Cai and Liam.